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Forum for Renhan Haxball - A 4v4 big easy Haxball League based in the UK with a draft and playoff system, to match the style of most North American sports leagues.

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Season 1 Schedule (revised)

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1 Season 1 Schedule (revised) on Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:09 am

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Matchday 1
Dutchovia 3-2OT Highland Cows
erM wildcarded Renhan Red Sox
Coffee Crew 1-1 shootout pending Seven Minutes Left

Matchday 2 - 15/07
Highland Cows v erM
Renhan Red Sox wildcarded Coffee Crew
Seven Minutes Left 0-3 Dutchovia

Matchday 3 - 15/07
Coffee Crew V Highland Cows
erM V Dutchovia
Seven Minutes Left V Renhan Red Sox

Matchday 4 - 16/07
Highland Cows V Renhan Red Sox
Seven Minutes Left V erM
Coffee Crew V Dutchovia

Matchday 5 - 22/07
Highland Cows V Seven Minutes Left
erM wildcard Coffee Crew
Renhan Red Sox V Dutchovia

Matchday 6 - 23/07
erM V Highland Cows
Coffee Crew V Renhan Red Sox
Dutchovia V Seven Minutes Left

Matchday 7 - 29/07
Highland Cows V Coffee Crew
Dutchovia V erM
Renhan Red Sox V Seven Minutes Left

Matchday 8 - 30/07
Renhan Red Sox V Highland Cows
erM V Seven Minutes Left
Dutchovia V Coffee Crew

Matchday 9 - 05/08
Highland Cows V Dutchovia
Renhan Red Sox V erM
Seven Minutes Left V Coffee Crew

Matchday 10 - 06/08
Seven Minutes Left V Highland Cows
Coffee Crew V ERM
Dutchovia V Renhan Red Sox

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