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Wildcards remaining per team & Wildcard rules

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1 Wildcards remaining per team & Wildcard rules on Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:38 am

Rules in post #2 of this thread. To use a wildcard, you must make a new thread in this section of the forum for it to be valid. The thread title must have the date of the original game.

2 remaining
Seven Minutes Left

1 remaining
Renhan Red Sox
Highland Cows
Coffee Crew

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6) Wildcards

- 6.1) Each team will be assigned 2 'wildcards' for use in the league during regular season. An extra wildcard will be given to each team for the post-season, and wildcards can be carried over from the regular season into the post-season.

- 6.2) A wildcard can be played to postpone a match to a later date.

- 6.3) All wildcarded games must be played either before or on the last day of the regular season.

- 6.4) Wildcards must be played at least 30 minutes before the match in question to be valid.

- 6.5) Wildcarded games in the play-offs must be played before the next game in the series.

- 6.6) Wildcards must have the original date and time the game was meant to be played as well as a new date and time for the game to be played. Both captains have to agree on a time. If captains can't agree then an admin will intervene.

- 6.7) If a new captain is put in place then the number of wildcards will be replenished for a team, obvious abuse of this rule will be stopped however.

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